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Quentin Musty’s Journey from Buffalo to the NHL Draft



Quentin Musty
Quentin Musty Has Played a Lot of Hockey in Buffalo.

Quentin Musty is a 6’2”, 190-pound forward who loves hockey and apparently cold weather too. He grew up in Hamburg, New York, and then decided to double down on the cold and play for the Sudbury Wolves.

Musty did play for the Buffalo Jr. Sabres way before the OHL, and that means more than a few residents may have heard about him before this year. As a power forward who plays left wing, Musty offers some unique gifts.

What I see with Musty:
“Nice wrist shot, very accurate. He has a high skill level. Musty protects pucks well with his frame. He can get out on the 2-on-1. He’s potent on the power play, and he’s good defensively.”

If you look at his 2021-22 season compared to this season, it’s a night-and-day comparison. To say Musty picked the perfect time to have a 78-point regular season would be an understatement.

Musty has been slowly moving up the charts. He hasn’t played in some of the big tournaments, so that hurt him a bit.

Musty is a good interviewer. When I spoke to him, he struck me as a devoted hockey player who knows he can be a difference-maker for some team out there. And that team could be his hometown, Buffalo Sabres. It would be a great story, and every team would like a power forward who has a wide array of skills to order.

According to InStat, Musty is hitting the net at a 59% rate. Not bad, and he has a very good one-time that he sometimes uses on the power play. He’s at 44% for winning puck battles, that up from last year, and he will get physically stronger over the next few seasons. One last stat, a big one, he averaged 19:46, time on the ice this year. He embraces those minutes.

There is a chance that Musty is gone before the Sabres pick, and if that happens, it happens. However, if he’s there when they are selecting at 13, I’d have to think he will be their selection. One other team to look out for could be the Chicago Blackhawks. They have the 19th overall pick, and GM Kyle Davidson is open to trading some of his three second-round picks to move up. Musty could be one of those players he is talking about,t so that is something to watch in Nashville.